Xobix 7.5mg 15mg Meloxicam Tablets Dosage

Xobix Dosage and administration

The lowest dose of Xobix (Meloxicam) should be sought for each patient. For the treatment of osteoarthritis the recommended starting and maintenance dose of Xobix (Meloxicam) is 7.5 mg once daily. Some patients may receive additional benefit by increasing the dose to 15 mg once daily. The maximum recommended daily dose of Xobix (Meloxicam) is 15 mg. Xobix (Meloxicam) may be taken without regard to timing of meals.

Rheumatoid arthritis

15 mg/day. According to the therapeutic response, the dose may be reduced to 7.5mg/day.

Ankylosing spondylitis

15 mg/day. In patients with increased risk of adverse reactions, start treatment at the dose of 7.5 mg/day. In dialysis patients with severe renal failure, the dose should not exceed 7.5 mg/day. The maximum recommended daily dose of Xobix (Meloxicam) is 15 mg. As a dosage for use in children has yet to be established, usage should be restricted to adults. Xobix Tablets should be swallowed with water or other fluid in conjunction with food.

Xobix (Meloxicam) Overdosage

Symptoms following acute NSAID overdose are usually limited to lethargy, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, and epigastric pain, which are generally reversible with supportive care. Gastrointestinal bleeding can occur. Severe poisoning may result in hypertension, acute renal failure, hepatic dysfunction, respiratory depression, coma, convulsions, cardiovascular collapse, and cardiac arrest. Anaphylactic reactions have been reported with therapeutic ingestion of NSAIDs, and may occur following an overdose.

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