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Pharma Guide is an independent and one among the largest Drugs information sites across the web. Our mission is to publish accurate and most updated information about prescription drugs, Over the Counter Medications and Natural Nutritional Supplements. Whether you are a patient, a medical or pharmacy student or a qualified healthcare professional, we hope you will find Pharma Guide a valuable source of information about the topic.

Pharma Guide is not an online Drug Store!

The objective to develop this website is to independently publish true information about existing and upcoming drugs. We do not sell any type of drugs e.g. Prescription, over the counter or what so ever.

Pharma Guide is owned by a team of Pharmacists and is hosted by a private web hosting company located in the United States.
Before using any of our service we suggest you to take a look over our disclaimer and privacy policy. If you have any question about our services please see the contact page.

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