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Chondrocytes in the cartilage matrix periodically biosynthesize proteoglycans and collagen molecules to keep the cartilage tissue healthy and resilient in order to offer the benefits of cushioning to the functioning joint.

The earliest physicochemical change in the cartilage of an osteoarthritic patient is an increase in water content due to disruption of collagen network. An increase in water leads to a fall in proteoglycans concentration. Earliest gross pathological change is softening of the cartilage. As the disease progresses the integrity of the surface is lost. Cartilage thins out, and clefts appear. Sclerosis of cartilage takes place and osteophytes are formed at the joint margin.

Successful treatment of osteoarthritis must effectively control pain and should slow or reverse progression of disease.

Biochemical and pharmacological data combined with animal and human studies demonstrates that Gevolox (glucosamine sulphate) is a satisfactory choice for such treatment.

Gevolox or Glucosamine is the naturally occurring compound that provides cartilage with the building block it needs to repair damage caused by osteoarthritis or injury. Gevolox provides the raw material needed for chondrocytes to regenerate cartilage. Glucoamine deficiency caused by aging and / or trauma leads to osfteoarthritis.

The oral use of Gevolox (glucosamine salt) provides the raw material needed for joint cartilage synthesis and repair. Gevolox also inhibits the production of collagenase and phospholipase A2 by human chondrocytes obtained from osteoarthritic knee or hip joint.


Each Gevolox capsule contains:
Glucosamine Sulphate............... 500mg.

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