What is Afloxan?

Afloxan contains proglumetacin dimaleate, a non-steroidal anti-infla mmatory drug (NSAID), chemically defined as: N-2-[1-(p-chlorobenzoyl)-5- methoxy-2-methyl-3-indolacetoxy] -ethyl -N-3-(N-bnezoyl - N\N’ - di - propyl -D,L-isoglutaminyl) - oxy-propyl-piperazine dimaleate.

Afloxan inhibits cyclo-oxygenases and lipo-oxygenases, and consequently it inhibitis the biosynthesis of prostaglandins, prostacyclins and leukotriens which are mediators of inflammation and pain. Therefore Afloxan exerts potent anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anitpyretic activities.

Afloxan is well tolerated by the gastrointestinal tract, because Afloxan provides a molecular shield that protects the mucosa from the local damaging effects of the aggressive radical of its anti-inflammatory moiety, and because Afloxan provides a gastroprotective active metabolite which prevents systemic damaging effects on the mucosa.

Afloxan gives a quick relief of pain and inflammation and is better tolerated than other currently used NSAIDs.


Rheumatic disorders : osteoarthritis in its different localisations, rheumatoid arthritis.

Traumatology : muscular sprains, strains, bruises, distorsions, fractures and recovery from orthopaedic surgery.

Soft-tissue rheumatism : periarthritis, fibrositis, myositis, tendinitis, bursitis, synovitis, tenosynovitis, epicondylitis, stiff neck, back pain, sciatica.

ENT : otitis, mastoiditis, synusitis, rhinopharyngitis, tonsillitis.

Other inflammatory disorders : adnexitis, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, neuritis.

Administration and Dosage

Afloxan capsules: 1 capsules t.i.d., preferably at meals.
If necessary, the daily dose can be increased up to 6 capsules.
Afloxan tablets : 1 tablet b.i.d., preferably at meals.
If necessary, the daily dose can be increased up to 3 tablets.

For maintenance treatments : 1 tablet o.d.

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