Senergy OD Tablets and Suspension


Senergy-OD (Loratadine) is a potent long-acting tricyclic antihistamine with selective peripheral H1-receptor antagonistic activity. Senergy-OD (Loratadine) is an oral antihistamine without sedative property.


Senergy-OD 10 mg tablets: Each tablet contains 10 mg Loratadine U.S.P.
Senergy-OD suspension: Each ml contains 1 mg Loratadine U.S.P.


Senergy-OD (Loratadine) is indicated for the relief of symptoms of:

Dosage and Administration

For adults and children 12 years of age and above:
The recommended daily dose is 10 mg (one tablet or 2 teaspoonsful) once a day.

For children 2-12 years of age:

Body, weight > 30 kg:
10 mg (two teaspoonsful Senergy-OD suspension), once daily.

Body, weight < 30 kg
5 mg (one teaspoonful Senergy-OD suspension), once daily.

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