New Chapter Wholemega Fish Oil

What is New Chapter Wholemega & What is it Good For?

New Chapter's WholeMega is rich in essential Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids. Omega 3 & 6 are polyunsaturated fatty acids and Omega 9 is a monounsaturated fatty acid. Omega 3,6,9 are derived from both animal and plant sources. However Omega 3,6,9 from fish oil are the most common supplemental form for good health.

WholeMega Fish Oil may be necessary for overall health. Because our body cannot manufacture essential fatty acids, we must get them from food or supplemental sources.

Which Fish is Used to Produce New Chapter WholeMega?

Omega 3,6,9, extracted from Wild Alskan Salmon fish is used in the production of New Chapter's WholeMega. It is believed, Salmon Fish from the clean waters of Alaska is the best source of Omega 3,6,9 accross the globe.

What Are The Major Health Benefits of WholeMega Fish Oil?

With reference to the overall health and functions of the human body, benefits of WholeMega Fish Oil are even bigger. Specifically WholeMega may:

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New Chapter WholeMega Fish Oil
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