New Chapter Probiotic All-Flora

Do We Really Need A Probiotic Supplement?

Before going further with what New Chapter Probiotic All-Flora really is, let us see why our body needs a probiotic supplement.

It is pretty amazing but very true that we human beings carry more bacteria than actual human cells in our bodies. According to the research, the estimated number of bacterial cells in our body is ten times higher than our own. Some of these are harmful, cause diseases and are known as pathogenic bacteria, while others work in the favor of our body, fight against disease causing bacteria, and make our immune system stronger. These good bacteria are technically called Normal Flora.

Across the centuries, people from many different cultures have used fermented foods (foods that are rich in Probiotics), e.g. Yogurt, Miso and Kefir to support their health and vitality. Modern Science has proven that in order to keep ourselves healthy, it is necessary to maintain a healthy balance of our personal population (bacteria inside our body) that naturally occurs in our gastro-intestinal tract. This is where a probiotic supplement comes in.

A supplement e.g. New Chapter Probiotic All-Flora promotes digestive system’s wellness by delivering whole-food live probiotics (normal flora) and prebiotic fibers.

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New Chapter Probiotic All-Flora carries nine probiotic strains including lactobacillus acidophilus. These multiple strains help maintain good microbial balance inside the body for optimal digestive tract health.

New Chapter Probiotic All-Flora is a non-dairy option because the micro-organisms in the product are cultured in a non-dairy, organic soy medium.

New Chapter Probiotic All-Flora carries some ingredients that add synergistic effect to overall product’s performance, e.g. whole-food organic apples and organic Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin provide prebiotic nourishment to stimulate the growth of live probiotics and enhance their effects.

New Chapter Probiotic All-Flora uses freeze-drying method. This ensures the potency of live probiotics and whole-food growth medium until the product reaches to the end user.

New Chapter Probiotic All-Flora
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