New Chapter Estrotone

Estrotone - Natural Hormone Balancer

New Chapter Estrotone is a non hormonal, all natural dietary supplement that supports pre and post menopausal hormonal balance. Estrotone contains clinically proven nutrients e.g. Black Cohosh and Purified Oenotherra Biennis also known as Evening Primrose oil. The balanced formulation of carefully chosen ingredients helps achieve optimum hormonal balance.

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New Chapter Estrotone is not only a natural hormone balancer but it also contains ingredients e.g. Ginger and Rosemary that are proven to have powerful antioxidant effects to help support healthy aging. For detailed information about the ingredients in Estrotone please see the chart below;


New Chapter Estrotone is available in softgel capsule form. The recommended amount per serving is two capsules.


Strength/2 Softgels

Purified EPO (Evening Primrose Oil)


Schisandra Berry Extract


Zingiber Officinale (Ginger Extract)


Black Cohosh


Chaste Tree Berry Extract


Purified Extract of Rosemary


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Estrotone Benefits

Millions of women across the globe suffer from hormonal imbalance. New Chapter Estrotone helps replenishing hormones and makes it possible to reverse and prevent age related illness e.g.

New Chapter Estrotone
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