Natrilix SR Dosage and Over Dosage

Usual dosage of Natrilix SR is one tablet daily, but in all cases, Strictly Comply with your physician's prescription.

One dose only per 24 hours, preferably in the morning in view of the diuretic effect of this drug, with the aim of avoiding having to get up several times at night.

Treatment duration

Keep to your physician's prescription.

What to do in case one or several doses have been missed?
Contact your physician. Do not take a double dose the day after the omitted doses.


In the event of accidental or deliberate overdosage a doctor must be consulted immediately and given the maximum information. Signs of acute poisoning take the form above all of water/electrolytic disturbances.

Initial measures involve the rapid elimination of the ingested substance(s) by gastric wash­out and/or administration of activated charcoal followed by restoration of water/electrolytic balance to normal in a specialized center.

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