Lemon Water Weight Loss

Lemon Water Weight LossWeight loss and Fitness experts across the globe are very busy telling people to eat food that contains higher amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals to lose weight and stay healthy. Taking a lot of exercise is also a very common approach to get rid of excess body weight.

I am not saying that all these efforts to lose weight are useless. My objective is to draw your attention towards a very important factor that is often overlooked and is far more critical to your overall health and well being.

Balanced pH Level of The Blood is essential to avoid a number of diseases, moreover, as a bonus you will have more energy, feel better than ever and excess body weight will simply melt off.

Lemon Water Balances Blood pH

Though lemon contains higher amounts of citric acid than oranges and grape fruit, but it does not create acidity in the body once metabolized. Drinking lemon water early in the morning (before drinking or eating anything else) greatly helps weight loss and reduces body’s overall acidity.

Lemon Water Helps Lose Weight Faster!

Studies have shown, those who take more alkaline diet, lose weight faster. Lemons contain higher amount of Pectin Fibers, which help fight hunger cravings. In addition to weight loss, Lemon Water encourages liver to produce bile. As a result, you efficiently digest your food and the risk of heartburn and constipation becomes reduced.

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