Daflon 500 mg

Daflon 500 mg Generic Name

Daflon 500 mg coated tablets contain Micronized, Purified flavonoid fraction 500 mg. The Generic Name is Diosmin Hesperidin.

Uses of Daflon 500 mg

What is Daflon 500 mg Used For?
Treatment of organic and functional chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs with the following symptoms

Treatment of functional symp­toms related to an acute haemorrhoidal episode.

Side effects of Daflon 500 mg

Some cases of minor gastroin­testinal and neurovegetative disorders have been reported, which never required cessation of treatment.


Pregnancy is a normal period in a woman’s life during which it is particularly important not to take drugs without previous medical advice. Likewise, warn your physician if you want to have a child. No adverse effect has been reported to-date.

In the absence of data concerning excretion into breast milk, treatment is not recommended during breastfeeding.

Daflon 500 mg Dosage

Usual dosage (In phlebology)
2 tablets daily in two divided doses midday and evening at meal times.
In an acute haemorrhoidal episode
The dosage is 6 tablets per day for the first 4 days, then 4 tablets per day for the following three days in divided doses.

Shelf Life
Do not use this medication after the expiry date clearly indicated on the package you just purchased from pharmacy. Moreover protect Daflon 500 mg from direct light, heat and moisture.

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