Jetepar Syrup Capsule Injection - Liver Protection


Jetepar is a drug with specific anti-toxic activity, its components have the following therapeutic activity;

Glucometamine (Betaine glucuronate)

Besides the lipotropic and detoxicating activity of Betaine, a practically atoxic labile methyl donor, Glucometamine has a remarkable antitoxic and glycogenetic action due to glucuronic acid which is one of the main substances employed by liver to eliminate endogenous or exogenous toxins.

Glucodiamine (Diethanolamine glucuronate)

Adds to the detoxicating and liver protective action of glucuronic acid. The advantage of Diethanolamine which reduces remarkably hepatic lipids of both aortic and serum cholesterol.

Nicotinamide as ascorbate preserves the antitoxic, eutrophic and anti-asthenic activity of Ascorbic acid and the hypocholesterolemic action of Nicotinamide.

After a few days of treatment, Jetepar determines a fast elimination of endogenous toxins as glucuronconjugates and a fall of the hyperlipemic values. A clear improvement of the liver functionality is thus rapidly achieved.


Endogenous and exogenous intoxications, acute and chronic iiver diseases, hepatic insufficiency, fatty liver degeneration, jaundice, food intoxications, alcoholism, physical and mental overwork.

Administration and Dosage

Acute intoxications and more severe syndromes:
Ampoules of 10 ml. 1 - 5 daily For I.V. Injection or infusion.
Less severe disorders and maintenance therapy:
Ampoules of 2 ml. 1 - 2 daily for i.m. Injection.
Capsules : 2 Capsules t.i.d.
Syrup : 2 teaspoonful 3 - 4 times daily

6 to 12 years old : 1 teaspoonful of syrup 3 - 4 times daily
3 to 6 years old : 1/2 teaspoon of syrup 3-4 times daily.


Ampoules of 2 ml Each ampoule contains: Betaine Glucuronate 150 mg. Diethanolamine Glucuronate 40 mg. Nicotinamide 8.2 mg. Water for injections.

Ampoules of 10 ml Each ampoule contains: Betaine Glucuronate 750 mg. Diethanolamine Glucuronate 200 mg. Nicotinamide 41 mg. Water for injections

Capsules: Each capsule contains: Betaine Glucuronate 150 mg: Diethanolamine Glucuronate 30 mg. Nicotinamide 8.2 mg.
Syrup: 100 ml. contains : Betaine Glucuronate 3.75 gm. Diethanolamine . (Slucuronate 1.00 gm. Nicotinamide 0.200 gm. Sorbitol 65.78 gm. Aromatic vehicle t.m. 100 ml.

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